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"The Legend of Forgotten: The Game of the Gods" is a rpg role-playing game of World of Warcraft. It is a fan game of World of Warcraft. Because it is an independent production of lovers, the game is slightly simple and simple, but the game is not bad. The elements of the world are vivid and interesting.


The new game of the gods has started, and people are still living ordinary days, new worlds, new rules are coming. Humans come to an unknown world, and God calls it the second world. The protagonist is an ordinary high school student who lives an ordinary campus life. However, the fate is coming, the former classmates have become enemies, and in the new world they have to fight for their own reasons. Confused, what exactly is justice, is it right? In order to find out the truth of the world, we need to constantly become stronger, and in order to be strong, we must sacrifice the lives of others...




新的一届诸神的游戏启动了,在人们还过着平常普通的日子,新的世界、新的规则降临了。人类来到一个未知的世界,神称之为第二世界。主角炎是一名普通的高中生,过着普通的校园生活,然而命运的来临,昔日的同学变成了敌人,在新的世界为了各自的理由不得不战斗。迷茫,究竟什么才是正义,自己是否才是正确的。为了寻找出世界的真实,需要不断到变强大,而为了强大,不得不牺牲他人的性命 …


[游戏][官方]遗忘的传说I-诸神的游戏V1.152.rar 216 MB

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